Let Your Lipsticks Speak For You

Let Your Lipsticks Speak For You

Lipsticks are the oldest element of ladies' make up kit. It has been there since Mesopotamian days where jewels were used to make lipsticks. Even during Indus Valley Civilization as well as early Egyptian days lipsticks had found profound use. Remember even Cleopatra used to wear bright red coloured lipstick in those days. Surprisingly those were made from crushed carmine beetles. But these small handy make up things have been renewed many times since then.


Lipsticks no doubt are the most essential part of the entire make up procedure since it can completely change your face value. A little bit of colour on your lips that enhances your beautiful smile and you can impress anyone standing in front of you. Even though shades of red are still popular in lipsticks, nowadays these are available in every colour that you can think of. In the event you loved this article and you want to receive more information with regards to โรงงานผลิตลิปสติก generously visit our own web page. Standard colours are boring these days; the colour of the lipstick should either match with your dress colour or should be completely the opposite.


Originally lipsticks had mostly one purpose, it signified adult sexuality. It was a means for women to attract men. But with time and popularity of make up items, this is not true anymore. In fact in today's time, hardly would a woman think of the fact that she wants to attract men which is why she wants her lips to be coloured. It has more become a part of the procedure for most of the women. In fact, women now prefer wearing lighter shades of lipsticks as a daily wear since this moistens their lips. It is the perfect way to keep their lips moistened through out the day. This is the reason why lipstick manufacturers also keep advertising a variety of moisture gloss lipsticks. These are often also branded as hydrating or lustre lipsticks.


The other form of lipsticks is matte. Although these also come with moisturizers, they do not leave a glossy look on the lips and makes your lips look dry. Matte lip colours usually come in darker shades only. In between there was an upheaval about colour changing lipsticks which would change colour due to body temperature and mood. And of course you can have a range of brands to choose from. There are cosmetic brands like Gala, Body Shop, Avon, Maybelline, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Bourjouis, L'Oreal, Chanel, Covergirl. Apart from these, there are also some eco-friendly brands that claim not to harm nature in any way.


Lipsticks are a very popular item to be bought online. Many women love being at home and get their make up items delivered to their doorstep. Over the net, you may find lipsticks starting from a range of $7 and going up to $25. In fact during New Year time, you can very well find many online shops offering great discounts going up to 50%. Discount time is one of the best times to buy these small things for personal use as well as for gifting across to your favourite ladies.